Order Price: 6 USD

Order Delivery Time: 10 minutes to 20 minutes

This service is connected to HTC database and will pick the 100% genuine factory unlock code for all HTC devices (Phone, Tablet, etc). It can provide the unlock code of any network phone of any country. Since it is connected to HTC official database, hence we only need 15-digit correct IMEI to generate the unlock code.

Newest HTC models from MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA do not ask for a Network Unlock code. They use “Device Unlock app”. You will not find any option to enter the code, so don’t place any order. Once code will come from the server, there will be no refund provided.

Also, if your HTC handset is locked to Tracfone USA, don’t place any order. It comes boot locked and can not be unlocked. Once the correct code will be delivered there will be no refund provided.