How to Unlock LG G4 H812 Phone?

Unlocking of LG G4 H812 is easy. The unlocked handset can accept any SIM card from any network provider worldwide. It is just a matter of correct unlock code. provides the factory unlock code of LG, means guaranteed to work. We also provide 100% money-back guarantee, if the code does not work. Unlocking of the LG G4 H812 by code does not damage the phone in any way.

You want to receive the correct unlock code, and we want correct 15-digits IMEI of the phone. . You can get the correct IMEI of the phone by dialing *#06# as a phone number.

Note: All the latest phone from T-Mobile and MetroPCS are locked by “Device Unlock App“. It does not request the unlock code after changing the SIM card and can not be unlocked by code.

Note II: For dual SIM mobile, only place the order for the first SIM slot IMEI. Once the first SIM slot will be network-free, second SIM slot can also be used with other network SIM card.

Note III: Don’t place the order for Tracfone locked LG handset. It comes boot locked and can not be unlocked by code. No refund will be provided in such case.

How long we need to wait for an LG phone unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for an LG unlock code is 10 minutes to 12 hrs.

The average response time for an LG unlock code is 20 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Enter Unlock Code in LG G4 H812 Phone?

Procedure I

1. Power off the LG G4 H812.

2. Remove the battery (if applicable).

3. Eject the SIM card from the device.

4. Insert unacceptable SIM card.

5. Switch On the phone.

6. It should prompt to enter the unlock code / Network Unlock PIN.

7. Type the correct code which is provided by

8. Now your LG G4 H812 should be network-free.

Procedure II

1. Switch On LG G4 H812 with the original carrier SIM card.

2. Dial 2945#*model-number# as a phone number.

Note: If phone model is LG KB936 then combination will be *936#. If device model is KU999 then combination will be *999#

3. A menu should pop up ; select SIM Unlock or Network Lock.

4. Enter your NCK code here which is provided by and hit OK.

5. Your phone may reboot.

6. Now LG G4 H812 is unlocked.

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